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Our Mission

Mission of NIRNAYA Orofacial Diagnostics and Treatment is to make expertise clinical services available to patients and
to support dental practitioners, in the diagnosis of Oral and Maxillofacial lesions.

Who We Are

NIRNAYA Orofacial Diagnostics and Treatment is an "Oral Pathology Service" dedicated to early diagnosis of Oral Lesions for better patient outcomes. We provide clinical consultations, diagnostic histopathological and cytological services to dental surgeons practicing throughout Kerala.

We would like to be your partner for the delivery of optimal patient care by providing specialist consultations for oral lesions along with reliable and speedy pathological diagnosis and reports . Our leading pathologists will work closely with you to provide the information required for your treatment decisions. We also encourage you to submit radiograph and/or intra-oral photograph for a comprehensive evaluation.

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A multidisciplinary team (Oral Medicine, Oral Surgery and Oral Pathology specialists) providing consultation service for your clinics.

Oral Physicians

Helps in diagnosis and treatment of Oral Lesions and also perform biopsy and cytology services in your clinics.

Fast & Reliable pathology services

Most biopsies are processed within 3 working days after the lab receives the sample

Ancillary services

Helps in special stains as needed.

Access to pathologists

Our pathologists can be easily contacted to provide information regarding treatment decisions.

Biopsy and cytology kits

Supply of biopsy and cytology kits (formalin bottle & puncher)

Do you have difficulties in

  • Diagnosing red and white lesions ?
  • Finding a specialist to deal with these type of cases?
  • Taking biopsies?
  • Transpotation of specimens to lab?
  • Discussing your case with the pathologist?
  • Treating these cases?
  • Access to your pathologist?

Latest News & Events

04 July

Launching NIRNAYA Orofacial Diagnostics & Treatment

Dr. Varghese Mani MDS launching NIRNAYA Orofacial Diagnostics & Treatment on July 4 2016. Please Click Here for invitation details.

04 july

Nirnaya Launching Programme Schedule

Programs will be stared with vedio demonstration of Performing oral biopsies at 6:30 PM. Please Click Here for program details.